Tuesday, 19 February 2013

VoIP Switch

In modern era of technology, the traditional calling method has become irrelevant.  To make your business to march with steps of new technology, you need a modern, affordable and fast communication channel. All business houses need a real time information exchange system, to synchronize their business. VoIP technology is such a capable medium. VoIP technology is internet based process. This fulfills all the needs of calling provided by PSTN but at affordable price. So gate rid of your conventional calling telephone box.  VoIP is a digital method of transmission of data, in which data is sent in packets of zeros and one, hence no place for any error during transmission. 

VoIP Switch is software used to control connection between different communication points; as a result you can do IP phone to phone call, PC to PC call, PC to phone call, IP device to phone call.  VoIP switch is compatible with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and various other internet protocols.  VoIP switch has database of users and phone numbers. Each end point such as phone adaptor, soft phone, IP phone adaptor can be registered on the VoIP switch. Telecom service providers can increase and decrease their number of lines of communication very easily. The software supervises and control traffic during connection of call.

Adore VoIP switch is compatible with Linux CentOS system. Its working has been tested on various versions of CentOS operating system i.e. CentOS 5.x ,6.x and found compatible with all of them. Adore VoIP switch is best software among all switching software available in the market. The quality of call performed using adore VoIP switch is best. The switch does not add any noise or interference in signal. Besides all this we have flexible and consumer friendly bill plan.

Adore VoIP Switch has been tested all versions of adore VoIP dialer. Customization is most useful and unique spatiality of adore VoIP dialer. Add the logo and name of your company on the interface of the software.  Remote installation is also supported by the software. Maintenance of the software is also very easy. The resulting calling expanse is very very low as compared to traditional calling expanse. More over security of data of your computer is not a concern if you are using the software and we do not send advertisements to users. Every kind of service providers ranging from small to large can afford the software as the software is cost effective.

Adore InfoTech is known for providing quality products. A long list of satisfied clients, in different country, is the proof. After sell service provided by the company is excellent. We have team of technical staff to troubleshoot your technical problems. To try our product, ask for a demo by contacting us. We have a helpline also for your assistance.

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